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lows being 52 and 53 and it will not take much to get into the lower 60s. and tomorrow mostly sunny and a little warmer. ktvu channel 2 morning news is the only crew on the scene in contra costa county. claudine wong is there and we will have a live update. president barack obama has more on the big issue at hand, stay tuned with a live update.
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. >> we are live in richmond where showers are ringing if spring, we will tell you more what to specter your morning commute. president barack obama, the hot button issue he is expected to focus on today. and they are trying to keep pigeons out of certain bart stations, that is all ahead on the ktvu channel 2 morning news. this is ktvu channel 2 morning news. >> good morning, thanks for joining us march 20th, i am pam cook. >> let's go to steve who is
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right there... >> first day of spring. >> and it is raining. >> it works. >> yes, first day well we have some rain and it is very mild and i just got a tweet asking me is it coming up from the southwest and yes, it is coming from the southwest, we have 50s and 60s. roads are a little bit wet as you pass mission boulevard and wet all over the bay area. also the morning commute looks good if you are driving on the san mateo bridge westbound and on the high-rise, let's go back to the desk. breaking news from bethel island, a major fire and firefighters are having a tough time putting it out and at least two homes have gone up in flames. claudine wong is there to tell us why this is such a hard fire to put out, claudine wong? >> let me show you what is
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behind me, because in the last half hour you can see fire on actually both sides of the roof line within the last 10 minutes we cut through into the garage and we were able to see fire there as well. you can see the fire in this house and this is the 1,400 block of bethel island and this is the second house to burn. there is no other fire to fight. the water they are using is coming from water tenders which are parked along this roadway and from a levee which is behind this house because there are no hydrants out here on bethel island. the other issue was the power line. you can see wires that are down and those wires are now dead because pg&e had to come and turn them off but it took awhile to do that and he said it certainly did not make the
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fire fight any easier. >> power lines were dropped down hampering the fire operation. >> you had to pull back completely? >> we didn't pull back completely, we had to readjust some lines. >> reporter: another thing that made the fire fight more difficult and we have seen it in the news with the fire stations closing, there is a fire station which is about a mile from where we are and that fire station actually closed in july so the next closest was five miles further and that meant they had to wait a little bit longer a couple of minutes but really the house was so fully involved when they got here there was not much they could do to save it. coming back to the scene on taylor road you can see them putting water on this structure but when you pan down, you can see the wreckage, that was the
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original house which was on fire. i have spoken to the residence who say -- residents who say they were in the house, we can tell you nobody was hurt and they have evacuated homes on either side but again this fire was very stubborn and it will be at least another half hour before they get this fire under control because it is in the upper level of this building. residents are very frustrated because it's very difficult to watch their homes continue to burn. live in bethel island, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. well, it is the first day of spring and that's not stopping the rain this morning. tara moriarty is in richmond with more on what we can expect for the morning commute, tara? >> reporter: well we can call them spring showers because it is the first official day for the oakland tribune and it is
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spring. many had to wear rain gear for the dominican republic and puerto rico. it is a soggy lack luster winter and it is only two thirds of where it usually is. fans appreciated the rain but thought the timing was off. >> we looked at the weather report and we were very disappointed because it has been nice the entire week but that's okay because we need it. >> reporter: we got a good amount of rain around dinner time and this morning you should see more rain off and on throughout your commute and steve paulson will much of more in your forecast and tomorrow is looking dry. >> steve paulson will have your complete forecast in just a minute and don't forget you can
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get your latest information on and click on weather. he is now facing federal charges. andre franklin was arrested march 3rd accused of stealing a rear gold jewelry box and now he is accused of selling the jewelry box to a business owner and demanding $10,000. franklin told the man who he would turn the man into police if he did not pay up. they are warning about potential fees and the city created this for undocumented immigrants and they were able to offer banking services but they have uncovered hidden fees. card holders are charged $2 for federal benefits and are charged a dollar every time federal benefits are put
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through through direct -- put there through direct deposit. you can see president barack obama greeting the leaders there and he says he wants to make clear to the world that the u.s. stands with israel and coming up at 5:15 a hot topic which is expected to dominate his talks with israel today. they may have been exposed to a chemical which is linked to cancer and birth defects. more than 1,000 employees work in two buildings where there are unsafe levels of it. c e.since january. it holds a toxic waste site and pregnant women have more of a chance after being exposed to giving birth to babies with birth defects. later the group fs city are
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going to announce a partnership with a project called homeless connect. the 3 5,000 tech workers are being encouraged to donate their time and job training services and their money to help end homelessness. bart has pent a lot of money to try to keep pigeons from nesting inside the station. pigeons are an especially big problem in san francisco. officials have put down spike victims from laying eggs but they have learned to adapt. pigeons survive everything. >> they do. >> they do they work their way around. >> sal, the roads are wet, you have to be careful this morning. >> you do have to be careful and as a matter of fact the weather will be affected and traffic will be affected by the weather so give yourself extra
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time. the traffic does look good here as you drive out to the mcarthur maze. also the morning commute looks good at the bay bridge toll plaza and there is no major problems all the way to the city. and northbound 280 traffic, it looks good getting up to highway 17, let's go to steve. some rain continues to move in and it is a very top tropical -- tropical system. there is not a lot of rain but we will take whatever we can. it is one and done and perhaps we can use a series of these. perhaps in the northbound a third should cover it. off and on i will keep nothing too heavy and mainly on the
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windshield wipers. it is filtering through and decreasing in the afternoon. you can see where that moisture is coming from way down southwest and there is no area of low pressure and mild and muggy and mostly cloudy and turning to scattered showers. everybody is close and the cloud cover will put the cab bash on and you may notice how muggy it is and it will be breezy and warmer and it looks like sunny will take us all the way to sunday but sunday looks good. a teen is accused in an ohio school shooting rampage and how he taunted the victim's families and how long he will be staying behind bars.
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legendary 49er and we will have more from two other people as well. it is wet out there and we will have more on the morning commute, stay tuned.
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. welcome back to the ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 5:13. several nato countries are
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working on military plans to end the two year war in syria but the commander says a resolution an and an agreement will be taking on the military role but he believes providing military rolls will be helpful to bringing an end to the war. president barack obama arrived in israel for the first time since being elected. kyla campbell reports from the washington d.c. newsroom and iran is expected to be the hot topic in his discussion with israeli leaders. >> reporter: president barack obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu have focused on israel. shortly after arriving president barack obama toured a missile which was largely funned by the u.s. it is credited with intercepting more than 400 rockets.
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now they are shifting to the nuclear program and president barack obama and prime minister benjamin netanyahu are disagreeing on how close iran is to making a nuclear bomb. but the president's quick speech sent a message to iran about the relationship between israel and u.s. >> we have for the past 65 years united states is proud to stand with you assets greatest ally and its friend. >> reporter: they do not expect agreements to come out of his trip but we will talk more about what is at stake on this trip when i see you next, kyla campbell, ktvu channel 2 morning news. time now 4:14, a teen in ohio has been sentenced to life in prison for a school shooting rampage that caused three deaths. tj lane appeared in court and when he came to court he wore a
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t-shirt which said killer and he smirked at the teens' parents who were killed as they read their emotional feelings. >> i will never get to see my baby brother go to college. >> tj lane pled guilty and did not qualify for the death penalty because he was under 18 at the time of the shooting. they are calling for the second administrator and lessly knight is the human resources director and she is accused of receiving monthly car allowances at the same time driving a city car. they demonstrated at city hall and fighting said -- night said she has apologized for her
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mistakes. the group argued the ticket sales violated the deed to the city and that deed required that albert park be kept for the free use of the public. they made their debute and finished first. joe montana will be inducted in the second hall of fame, first lady will be held at the museum of sacramento and the honor celebrates californians who embody the state's spirit and achievements. there is a list besides montana, there is warren paid did i. -- baitty and we have the last surviver of a native
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tribe in california. >> sal, you don't remember the catch, do you? the white car? >> i do remember that play. i always will. let's go out and take a look at the commute, traffic is moving along well as you drive across any of the commutes and however it is raining and wet and it is not raining hard but it is raining enough to make the roads wet so you want to give yourself some extra time this morning. on the peninsular we have a nice looking drive so far but across the san mateo and dumbarton, i think you should give yourself some extra time and at the toll plaza it is light there, let's go to steve. a lot of cloud cover, mild lows, 54, oakland and san jose, moisture sources, we willhave some breaks later on but right now cloudy and mild, mostly cloudy and mild and will return
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more showers in nature and there is too much cloud cover to keep us warm after the system comes through we'll see better conditions testimony. if we can get a half inch of rain that would be great. two bits to about a half inch of rain should cover the wettest locations. i think a 10th of an inch to a third will cover the forecasted area. still plenty of cloud cover and i think we will get a few breaks in the clouds but in the morning off and and on light rain. 54 in oakland santa rosa concord 50 degrees, cloud cover is and coming straight up from the southwest almost equity tore you' all region -- southwest in that area. a little cooler temperatures but low-to-mid 60s and there is too much cloud cover for anybody to warm up and we will warm up with patchy low clouds
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and after that it looks dry and breezy and warmer still mostly sunny and wild on monday : there is a bailout dale on the department of cyprus. they seem to think there is a bailout deal and in the far east, they are keyed in on the bank of japan and he is going to start but other markets were good, shanghai gained 2% and checking in on our numbers, futures indicate a pretty decent opening especially for the dow jones industrial average which followed a bit of a mixed picture, yesterday the dow jones industrial average started at 14055. keeping an eye on a don't pip stocks -- a zoneby stocks. the revenue fell sharply from a
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year ago but analysts say the numbers beat what they had expected and lists are expected to -- analysts are saying he is expected to leave for apple. they are targeting a specific part of oakland and there are powerful groups being brought in to put a stop to it. a san francisco landmark, what is happening on alcatraz. [ mom ] dear chex cereal,
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we're the harris family. and we love chex. [ male announcer ] love chex? connect with us on facebook.
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. time is now 5:23 chp is looking into a crash between a fedex truck and a pickup truck. the federal he can -- the federal he can truck was left dangling. highway 29 on ramp to 27 was shut down for several hours. some of the largest grocery store chains will encourage customers to eat more fish. trader joes and other companies will announce they will not sell a type of salmon engineered by a biotech company. they are getting ready to approve the sale of a modified salmon. there is a string of vandalism and the area being targeted is 17th street. somebody filled every lock with
5:27 am
glue. owners have reported graffiti and damage to outside decorations. >> this woman's window was broken out so many times until she just closed her business and went out. >> security patrol is the area during the day but somebody is needed at night. somebody is asking the else angels and black panthers to be brought in and they are asking them to clean up a different part of oakland. actress island -- alcatraz island is commemorating the day they closed down. they left the former prison in march 1963. normally they hold about 250 convents and now it is part of a national park. they left a display here with the model industries building on alcatraz tomorrow. the roads are wet, sal, you
5:28 am
are telling everybody be careful. >> a few extra minutes could make a big difference. >> let's talk about that, the roads are wet and we are looking at the south bay and it does look good getting to highway 17 no major problems and it is going to be fine if you are driving passed mission boulevard and traffic continues to move along well as you drive passed mission let's go back to steve. we have a lot of cloud cover, some off and on rain and it looks like morning rain is giving way to scattered showers some breaks in the clouds later on and some did bring a quarter of an inch and there is generally a third and 50s and 60s on the temperatures. conflicting reports this morning about monday's deadly military accident in nevada. why there is confusion about how many u.s. marines were
5:29 am
killed in that explosion. it involves breaking news on bethel island and you can see firefighters are still trying to get the fire out and we just spoke to the homeowner and we will tell you what she had to say coming up. also the bid for the super bowl, why critics say it is a sellout.
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. good morning, it is wednesday march 20th, i am dave clark. >> time now is just about 5:30 and the rain is just about out of here. it's going to be quick. >> okay, it is a little sketchy there. >> we do have mostly cloudy skies and some occasional rain. we have a 10th of an inch mostly 50s and 60s, here is my good friend sal. good morning traffic is moving well as you head to the willow pass grade and traffic is looking good, it is wet out there but traffic is moverring well on the high-rise out to the san mateo bridge. let's go back to the desk. firefighters are still battling a fire which has burned multiple homes. claudine wong is out on taylor road with more information on some of the challenges for
5:33 am
firefighters to try to get this fire out, crowd claudine? >> reporter: -- claudine? >> reporter: we have an improvement on what we showed you just within the last half hour. let me show you, if we pan down this way i want to show you all the vehicles, there are no fire hydrants and they had to truck this water in here and they came in with water tendders to try to make a difference and it has certainly slowed things down. if we come back here i want to show you on the hill, firefighters are parked on that ridge there, that is the levee and they are pulling water from the flu and that's how they are putting water on the back end of this house it is actually
5:34 am
the second home to burn and i just spoke to the homeowner who said this is so hard to watch it burn and that home is made of cedar and the floors are made of wood trucked in from canada and she built this home herself in the '90s and it's certainly difficult to watch this fire burn her home this morning and she said some passersby saw the flames and woke her up. >> i was sleeping and i heard somebody banging on the door and i saw the house was engulfed in flames. i was sprinkling down here and we were both told to stop. >> now this fire started at 2:30 and this fire has been started for three hours now. we talked about it for 90 minutes and the chief came here
5:35 am
from pg&e to turn over the power and it is only a mile away from this location and they were shut down because of budget cuts so the next fire station is five miles away. again they still don't have the fire under control and they continue to throw water back on it. back out here live, what you are looking at is the first home to burn and you can see there is nothing left. when firefighters got here they say the home was fully engulfed and the two homes involved, nobody was hurt and they were evacuated. firefighters -- no firefighters were injured and again it's going to be a long morning as they try to get this fire under control. live on bethel island, claudine wong ktvu channel 2 morning news. 5:33 in overnight nuisance hose police are investigating -- overnight news san jose police are investigating a driveby shooting which happened
5:36 am
by the reid hill airport. janine de la vega has been there all morning and what is the latest janeane? >> reporter: we do know the shooting happened here and i just spoke with police who said the young man who was shot here did survive overnight and we are not sure if he is in critical condition. just before 8:00 last night they received a call there were gunshots and when officers arrived they found a man between 18 and 20 years old with at least one gunshot wound. they conducted interviews and found he was standing on the sidewalk when a light colored suv drove by and the person inside opened fire. they are searching for the vehicle and the person responsible and at this point a motive for the shooting is unknown. we are toldby police this area is known for gang activity but we do not know if this shooting
5:37 am
was gang related. we hope to get an update on his condition later this morning. reporting live from east san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 morning news. we are getting more information about a deadly officer involved shooting from san jose. coming up, why the suspect was under surveillance. >> that is right and a pleasanton preschool opens after a former teacher was accused of tying up a two-year- old. christian preschool has been closed last week for retraining. 24-year-old woman bound a toddler's wrists and ankles with masking tape when the child refused to take a knap. she reportedly showed a cell phone picture to people at a party and one of them was the girl's mother. elders have been cooperating with police. one bill will require districts to adopt reporting
5:38 am
guidelines and review them each year. the other authorizes them to remove teachers in child abuse cases at any time during the year. south korea they are investigating an apparent cyber attack. they are investigating two major banks which were hacked into and the computers shut down at the same time and skulls popped up on the screens. there is speculation north korea is behind that cyber attack. there are conflicting reports over how many marines were killed at a straining incident in nevada. it was southeast of reno and an official with the foreign affairs said the 8th marine has died but a marine spokesperson said the death toll remains as 7 last night.
5:39 am
a mortgager exploded present moot -- mortar exploded prematurely and they are pulling these from there and afghanistan. they have a lead into several copper thefts. on sunday thieves broke in and stole a real of copper worth $25,000. the thieves used a stolen forklift and a flatbed truck to escape. they say it is similar to another robbery back in january and it was carefully planned. >> they took the time to operate the forklift to remove the large real of copper and then to load it on to a flatbed. >> now police have these surveillance images of the original struck and it is their biggest piece of evidence and one of the suspects was described as a white man in his
5:40 am
80s. last night city council agreed to a long list of demands from the nfl to host the big games in 2014. they say it would provide a huge boost to the entire bay area but not everybody is happy that a multi- billion dollar businesslike the nfl would get financial breaks. >> once again, they have managed to admit that the stadium benefits the 49ers and now the nfl itself and not the city of santa clara. >> they could make santa clara the clear front-runner to host super bowl 50 and miami has rejected the nfl's financial demands. let's bring sal back, everybody should take it easy and give themselves extra time because the roads are wet. >> dave, i am going to make you a traffic deputy with that
5:41 am
language. >> i am deputized -- >> if you give yourself an extra five minutes it would help. that traffic does look good coming up to the toll plaza and we usually don't get a crowd until 6:00 or so and you can jump ahead of the crowd. 101 looks good on the james freeway and pretty soon we will have to start paying attention to the giants' home schedule and that's coming up close and we will have to start warning you about daytime games and night time games. at 280, it was reported a harsh spin out and police showed up and found 280 southbound a car took the curve too quickly and spun out and unfortunately these are the kind of things that happen when it is raining. >> how about those warriors,
5:42 am
sal? >> pretty good. that was a great road trip. we have a little bit of rain, there is not a lot here 3 / quarters and i have not heard from anybody -- three-quarters and i have not heard from anybody in lake county, it continues to stream in from the southwest and what a mild system. it is raining up in canyon and light rain turning more showery in the afternoon and a half inch would be great in towards parts of the north bay. most of the rain come in last night, it sounded great. i love that sound, still some offshore and we continue with a cloudy mild day with off and on rain, occasionally pockets of it and a few 40s in the north bay and due to the cloud cover
5:43 am
-- excuse me this cough -- but see the cloud cover, it is coming right up through the tropics, very cloudy cool to mild and a little bit cooler due to the cloud cover, so 50s and also 60s on the temperatures and there is really not much of a change here and there could be some fog until the breeze kicks in and sunshine and plenty mostly sunny on sunday. steve, time now 5:40 it is officially spring and look at the rain up in the sierra. live picture this is interstate 880 in king veil. all vehicles who don't have four-wheel drive on interstate 880, they are getting some snow in the very high elevations but much of the sierra will only see a light drizzle out there. angry taxi drivers flooded a meeting and we will have more on the reason they are so
5:44 am
angry. also president barack obama weighs in on the ncaa tournament and which local school did he pick to reach the women's final poll.
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. here is a quick look at some of the top stories we are battling. firefighters are battling this fire on bethel island and it has already burned two homes. firefighters say downed power lines are making it harder to get in and fight this. bethel island, well they don't
5:47 am
have fire hydrants and we will keep you posted claudine wong is there. a young man was shot on a sidewalk in san jose out near fisher middle school. somebody in a light colored suv fired those shots. the victim was shot once and he did survive but police are looking for a motive behind that attack. president barack obama is in israel this morning and it's his first trip there since he became president. the president has meetings scheduled with israeli leaders and he will also make stops in the west bank and in jordan while he is in the middle east. we are learning more about a deadly officer involved shooting in san jose. ktvu channel 2 morning news has learned the person who died is a person of interest in a homicide. now police say they opened fire on the suspect after he tried to ram an unmarked police car and police have not released
5:48 am
his name. the man who opened fire was involved in another police shooting last fall. he shot and wounded a suspect who was wanted in a ring is of crimes -- string of crimes who was wanted in a murder for an attempted carjacking for armed robberies shooting a police officer and a chase. he opened fire after the suspect drove his car towards him. time now 4:45, we are learning moly officer involved shooting in napa. he pointed a metal object at officers they believed was a gun. it turned out to be some sort of metal tool. it began when police tried to stop a truck but it ended during the pursuit when the man got stuck in a field. san francisco is reacting to angry cab drivers who took over a meeting for hours.
5:49 am
[ horns honking ] >> they protested against possible plans to allow several hundred more cabs in the city of san francisco and they are also frustrated about the competition they are getting from online ride sharing companies. >> before you guys started flooding the streets with medallions there were enough drivers to cover shifts and there are not anymore. so if i have a broken leg i have to show up. >> reporter: they are planning on gathering realtime information about location and availability of all 1,700 cabs in san francisco. the plan is to allow customers to hail cabs with smart phone apps by this coming summer. march madness, they have made it passed the first four in the ncaa tournament... [applauds] [crowd noise] >> schools were cheering at a viewing party last night and they defeated middleton and
5:50 am
tennessee state. they will play memphis late tomorrow morning in michigan. now the university of kansas want to make sure they are not betting on their brackets. a friendly reminder is illegal in kansas. nobody affiliated entered into a bidding pool and by the way it will take on this information. and the president has picked second seed cal as one of its schools to reach them and they will begin in texas against fresno state and by the way stamford is top seed. i'm sure you will be busy sal, because there is a crash in the east bay. >> this one sounds serious and it -- serious and it was first
5:51 am
reported, it could be eastbound 24 at 680 and one car is overturned and three are cars are involved here. the fire department and paramedics are on the way and this is 24 and 680 and the first part was eastbound 24 and 680 and we are trying to get to the bottom of it and please give yourself extra time. we have a lot of fender benders and people are getting into wrecks and i think it has something to do with the wet roads. traffic here is moderate and usually it does not get busy until after 6:00. we are also looking at 280 at the interchange and there was a car that spun out and it is not causing a major traffic zeal and chp is on -- major staff deal and chp is on the scene --
5:52 am
major traffic deal and chp is on the scene. we have a quarter of an inch of rain coming in and we had a report of a half inch and that is in mendocino county. breezy out of the northwest and next week cloudy to mostly cloudy especially around this time next week and maybe some more rain. it does look like we could get some precipitation and i am looking way out there but why not, we are running out of time. this is a very mild system. rain in the morning will not be too heavy some light rain quarter of an inch to half inch. most of the bay will see a third of an inch up towards mendocino county a little bit more. chuck e.and blue canyon winds are picked up and there is a lot of cloud cover but into the
5:53 am
lot of rain. 54 san jose and low 50s and 40s and this mild air mass continues to stream in and no wonder it is mild to warm. cloudy, mostly cloudy, rain will give way to more showers cool to mild, it doesn't feel tropical, that is for sure. 50s and 60s on the temperatures and 50s and 60s closer to coast and bay. it will be sunny mostly friday and saturday. twitter has been granted a new patent and twitter is unique because it provides point to multipoint communication. so far no reaction from similar companies such as facebook. ben bernanke has announced big changes as the meeting wraps up. ben bernanke has made it clear that the bonds stimulus continues to help the economy
5:54 am
and lists believe he is likely to say the economy is better than it was weeks ago but he could mention the bailout to point out the risky economic situation. hostess can sell and now a bankruptcy judge approved a deal and they still have to decide on the sale of other hostess brand including devil dogs and ring kings. there is a new report about sugary drinks and where they rank for a health problem in the united states. and we have a colorful celebration in the bay area, stay tuned for more news weather and traffic.
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5:57 am
. carnival triumph was crippled by an engine fire
5:58 am
leaving more than 4,000 people stranded but they will not be back until june 15th which means an extra 10 cruises will be canceled. san francisco attorney wants the federal government to crack down on energy drinks. they are urging the fda to require the amount of caffeine to the put on the label. five deaths have been linked to the drinks and the company that makes the drinks say it is safe. they have linked obesity to sugary drinks and the number comes from the american beverage association which says the study is more about sensationnallism and -- sensationalism than science.
5:59 am
the carnival sensation is being brought back in to save the event. now this year's celebration is set for may 25th and 26th, but they are having money problems in fact they are in financial jeopardy and there is talk of canceling the tradition. 400,000 has been given and they need an additional $170,000. the city is now investigating why they are having money problems. we are closer to 6:00 and sal has at least one crash to talk about, sal? that's right we have had a bunch of crashes but right here we have an overturned vehicle and several other cars involved so watch for slowed traffic in that area. also we are

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